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Howard High

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Howard High
United States
Musical | Series
Howard High School is on the verge of closing down because it has become the lowest-ranked school in the state. Needing someone to take the fall for the school’s decline, Mr. Thomas reaches out to former honor role graduate Frank King (Brian White) to take over as principal. To Frank’s surprise, there is major talent right under his nose within the Performing Arts Music program. After firing the music teacher, and the help of his friend and new Music teacher Michael Kirsh (Marques Houston) Frank and his team just may be able to save the school.

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Cast & Crew Members

Veronika Bozeman

as Tracy Simmons

Lindsay Diann

as Tanisha Robinson

Chrissy Stokes

as Nicki Ross

Dustin Harnish

as Mr. Tolbert

Jarell Houston

as Mr. Johnson

Dylan Mooney

as Darryl Mandel

Marques Houston

as Michael Kirsh

LaRita Shelby

as Ms. Robinson

Dorien Wilson

as Mr. Thomas

Shondrella Avery

as Sarah Binder

Ross Fleming

as Chris Ross

Mila J

as Nina Water

Rayan Lopez

as Lebron Davis

Hannah Malone

as Molly Daniels

Kearia Schroeder

as Diana King

Brian White

as Frank King

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