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When Christopher B. Stokes launched his independent film company in 2015, the Veteran Writer, Producer, Director, and multi-media entrepreneur came up with the perfect name and branding concept to capture the essence of his expansive, innovative, creative vision — Footage Films.

 It’s the perfect moniker to express the creative culture that he and his team set out to accomplish with their fresh, young, quality content-driven company. Footage Films is quickly developing a powerful niche in digital TV and film while simultaneously discovering new up and coming talent and cultivating the careers of incredible performers – putting them on the pathway towards greater future success.

Footage Films is passionately founded on the principle that life is the length of a plethora of scenes. The company’s content creation takes many forms, from motion pictures to broadcast entertainment, producing content to creative programming, scoring to emerging platforms – the common thread in our work is a firm commitment to the choreography of emotions and ideas on film. Footage Films is life documented.

Footage Films was founded in 2015 with the intention to pursue stories objectively, executing the highest possible standards artistically, creatively and technically, to entertain viewers, and to tell diverse stories. Its sole mission is to deliver high quality, multi-cultural programming and production for streaming, theaters and television through all platforms.

Netflix is currently streaming the 2019 film Fall Girls. Also, on streaming platforms, the BET+ Original Series Sacrifice, the BET+ Original Film Trigger, and several other films and TV series streaming on platforms such as, Apple TV+, Prime Video, UMC, UrbanflixTV, and more!



Chairman of the Board




Chris Stokes

A powerhouse creative force and a true visionary in the world of urban entertainment, Christopher B. Stokes – AKA “The Hundred Million Dollar Man” – is a multi-faceted entrepreneur and media mogul whose deep passion for storytelling and knack for discovering young talent has led him to wide-ranging success in both the music and film industries. After years of success as a songwriter, producer, and artist manager in music, his breakthrough success as the writer-director of the hit movie You Got Served a dance drama film that grossed over $150 million worldwide, led him to focus in recent years on developing his career as a writer, producer, and director of film and television content. Christopher B. Stokes is the founder and Chairman of Footage Films and his partners in the company are CEO Marques Houston, and President Juanita Stokes. 





Marques Houston

Marques Houston is the CEO of Footage Films. While he’s better known for his role as Roger in the hit TV series Sister, Sister or his music career as the lead singer in the iconic R&B group Immature (later know as IMx), Houston has had a true passion for film from a young age, and it shows in his work.  Houston began his journey into the world of filmmaking in 2010 after partnering with longtime music manager Christopher B. Stokes, who has directed most of the films Marques wrote and produced. He serves alongside Christopher B. Stokes (Chairman), Juanita Stokes (President), and he also serves as an executive producer and writer for Footage Films.

Co-Chairman /

President of Productions




Juanita Stokes

Juanita Stokes is a multi-talented film and TV executive, producer, and musician based out of Los Angeles, California. Throughout Stokes’ extensive career, she has proven herself to be able to masterfully navigate across genres (TV, film, and music) to create and produce compelling film and TV projects that have reached audiences in America and around the world.

As a film executive, Stokes has proven to be a creative visionary and thinker known for expertly guiding each film through the production process from the formation of the original pitch idea through final post-production to marketing and distribution. Stokes has worked on more than half a dozen feature films as a Producer including Running Out of Time, Fall Girls and We Belong Together. She’s worked with stars ranging from Paula Patton to Loretta Devine and Lauren London. The films she has produced have gone on to become some of the most highly rated urban films on Netflix and BET platforms.

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